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I am Margo, I am 25 years old and I have a passion for everything that has to do with fashion.
I've been working with Margot for a while now, and when she told me about her dream, I was immediately very excited!
We talked a lot about it together, shared ideas, brainstormed about the name, designed a logo,... and that's how Studio Me.Mo.step-by-step. Soon everything became very concrete; choosing materials, coming up with collections, building a website, taking photos,... and all the other things that come with it. A super fun process to be able to participate in!

I think it's fantastic that we started a new brand, which we both support 100%. In which we both see our vision reflected and where we can also make other people very happy.
What could be more beautiful than a jewel that is close to your heart? Isn't that fantastic?!

My position within Studio Me.Mo. is very diverse. Margot and I do everything ourselves, so you can imagine that what we do is very broad.
One day we are photographers, then digital marketers, content creators, website builders, sales, etc.
All super fun aspects to be able to work on, and that makes the job so interesting.

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