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'Jewelry is like topping, you can't ever have enough and everybody likes a different kind'

Engrave your jewel with a personal text and further personalize with our beautiful, handmade charms and pendants. Create your own unique piece of jewelry.

Carry your loved ones and memories close to your heart ♥

Studio Me.Mo. Atelier

Constant Permekelaan 77
8490 Jabbeke

Bezoek ons atelier, kom je pakje ophalen of kom even 'in real life' door ons aanbod snuisteren...WELKOM ❤

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8 maart 2023 🌸 wij vieren INTERNATIONALE VROUWENDAG met een nieuwe blog, een uniek ontwerp én een leuke korting!!

Mother's Day ♡ May 8, 2022

Mother's Day is the day to pamper your mom extra and show how much you love her! I myself am lucky enough to be the mother of two beautiful sons...

SELFCARE with jewels <3

SELF-CARE through jewels, how cool is that?!Did you know that you can take care of yourself by wearing our jewels? The power of our 'Gems collection' on your wrist, neck or on...

Team Studio Me.Mo. | Margo

Team Studio Me.Mo. | I am Margo, I am 25 years old and I have a passion for everything that has to do with fashion. I've been working with Margot...