Mother's Day ♡ May 8, 2022

Mother's Day is the day to pamper your mom extra and show how much you love her!

I myself am lucky enough to be the mother of two beautiful sons and I must admit that I secretly look forward to Mother's Day every year.
On that day all my boys (also the daddy ;-)) are extra sweet and all the attention goes to me, love it! In addition, I also celebrate my own mother with my sisters, which makes Mother's Day a real family celebration.

Would you like some tips and ideas to surprise your mom? In this blog I like to share what I enjoy the most...

Coffee and presents in bed in the morning
Coffee, no breakfast... It may sound very ungrateful, but I find crumbs in bed real horror. Just the idea gives me the creeps! A coffee in bed, on the other hand, I find very cozy and the accompanying hugs and kisses are heavenly!
A bouquet of flowers
Few women who don't enjoy a bouquet of flowers, I think... Flowers are always nice to receive and to give! My mom can also expect a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day, the perfect gift to show a woman you love her. Personally, I really like a small, but colorful bouquet.
A self-written poem
The best gift I received for Mother's Day! During the first lockdown my sons, with a little help from dad, had written a nice and funny poem. I still have to smile spontaneously when I think back to this :-)
A unique and personal gift
Gifts on Mother's Day are not a must, although it is ALWAYS super nice to receive a little surprise.
I like the most unique and personal gifts, such as an engraved bracelet. On the back of this LOVE bracelet are the names of all my men (yes, also the dog), so I always have them close to me!
Mother's Day starts quietly, but usually ends with us in a real family party... Throughout the day we all come together with the children and grandchildren to put our own mother in the spotlight. This way we all enjoy this festive day together with a snack and a drink and the party becomes extra special for mother.

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