Power stone collection

SELFCARE through jewelry, how cool is that ?!
Did you know that you can take care of yourself by wearing our gems? 
The power of our 'powerstone collection' around your wrist, neck or on your ears has a healing, energetic effect.

Gemstones work on an energetic level and because we consist entirely of energy, we can benefit from the power of a gemstone:
For example, a 'grounding' stone can keep dreamy types a little more grounded and a stone for relaxation can have a calming effect on a stressfulperson. 
Wear the gems close to you, as a piece of jewelry, so you benefit from the energy at all times!

Many of our handmade jewelery is finished with pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones. Not only because we think these natural materials are super beautiful, but also because we strongly believe in the power of stones.
Many positive healing powers are attributed to gemstones, crystals and pearls. Each species has its own characteristics and effect, it is up to you to choose the stone or stones that you need, and of course like ;-)

We have placed our jewelery with gemstones, crystals and pearls under the 'POWER STONES' collection. 
An enchanting collection consisting of handmade jewelery with specific stones and individual charms (pearls, gemstones, ..), with which you can personalize each jewel with your favorite power stones.
Do you like a stone? We mention its specific energy and strength for each stone, so you suddenly know whether its effect matches your personality. 

Let yourself be seduced :-)

Amethyst is a powerful, purifying and protective stone. It calms the thoughts and brings inner and mental peace, making the stone very suitable for meditation. Amethyst promotes common sense and helps in decision making. This stone dispels anger, fear and concern and has a pleasant, relieving effect on everyone.


Aquamarine is the stone of consolation. This rock radiates a very soft, loving and yet clear energy. The wearer is supported by this mineral to overcome fears and grievances. In addition, it promotes tolerance.
Lapis Lazuli, this wonderful, deep blue crystal increases self-confidence and belief in your own abilities. The stone makes the wearer optimistic, relieves stress and provides inner serenity. Lapis Lazuli is also the stone of friendship and relationships, it helps to see and accept someone as they really are.

  Tiger eye strengthens self-confidence, increases mindfulness and concentration. The stone strengthens rational thinking and makes the wearer more decisive, making decisions is easier with a tiger's eye in your pocket. Tiger's eye increases concentration, energizes the body and helps to achieve goals. The ideal study stone!

Sodalite reduces irritability and anxiety. It is an insightful stone that promotes self-acceptance. It is a stone that helps to stay true to yourself and gives you more self-confidence.

          Pearls sometimes called "tears of happiness", they support our deepest emotions. The soft, pure energy of the pearl brings warmth, softness, tranquility, peace and enlightenment. A pearl helps to absorb stress and negative emotions such as anger and guilt and to take away sadness. 

Can't get enough of all these beautiful, healing, power stones and jewels?
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Energetic greetings, 

Margot & Margo

Studio Me.Mo



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