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Basic Maxime is made from natural power stones and can be further personalized with our individual charms. Take a look at our collections and get inspired! #wearyourstory

Product specifications:

Length: 41 cm (fixed, measure the neck if in doubt!)
Chain material: natural stone, mineral
Lock material: stainless steel
Details: Handmade short necklace (choker) with cuff clasp
Pay attention: Natural products are used, colors may deviate from the photo

Every power stone works differently:

  • Garnet
    • Grenade gives tons of energy, it strengthens the willpower and the urge to survive in hopeless situations. This crystal gives hope, courage and inner strength. Emotionally, it overcomes inhibitions, opens the heart and instills confidence. The stone activates other crystals, enhancing their effect.
  • Apatite

    • Apatite is a happy stone, it makes outgoing, social, gives joie de vivre and fun in company. The stone soothes sadness and anger and enhances cheerful feelings.
      Apatite is also called the mineral of success.
      It promotes self-confidence, concentration, clear awareness and creativity.
    • Lapis Lazuli
      • This wonderful, deep blue crystal increases self-confidence and belief in your own abilities. The stone makes the wearer optimistic, relieves stress and provides inner serenity. Lapis Lazuli is also the stone of friendship and relationships, it helps to see and accept someone as he or she really is.
    • Onyx
      • Onyx provides strength and support in difficult circumstances and times of stress. This crystal brings mental peace and focus on what is important. The stone supports your self-confidence, gives strength, steadfastness and persistence. The onyx is a pitch black, but a very soft stone: it teaches you to accept difficult situations and broadens your horizons.
    • Pink quartz
      • Pink quartz gives confidence and brings inner harmony. The crystal helps with stress and fatigue and heals against anger, guilt and jealousy. This stone enhances feelings of joy and pleasure, promotes empathy for the feelings of others and boosts romance in relationships.