The story behind Studio Me.Mo.

"Wear your story" 

The story of Studio Me.Mo. starts in Bruges, but has Ghent roots.

The dream of having your own 'jewelry and accessories' brand had been alive for a while, but the courage was lacking and the timing was never right. Until the jitters in lockdown n ° 2, during the second closure of our concept store Pink Gin, nevertheless took over. 
The idea of a 'customizable' jewelery collection was carefully shared with hubby (the entrepreneur and the math prodigy of the two of us) and Margo (the best employee ever, who came out of the blue as a gift a year ago).

The enthusiasm was immediately shared and countless brainstorming sessions later, it was time to take the plunge (this is my other half). The start of Studio Me.Mo., ea young, Belgian brand that offers a unique and personal way of 'jewelry shopping'.

Me.Mo. stands for Memory, our slogan is "wear your story".

Bee Studio Me.Mo. we love objects with a story and a deeper meaning. We think the story behind a jewel or an accessory is just as important as the piece itself, it makes the jewel even more beautiful. That is why we thought it was important that customers can personalize our jewelry so that it becomes their own. 

Our collection is designed and made in our own workshop and can be adapted and expanded by the customer with initials, tags, charms, engravings, ... This makes our jewelery and accessories unique, they tell a personal story, they tell your story.

"You wear a jewel with a personal touch on your body, but also in your heart."


Team Studio Me.Mo 



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